Speak Your Customer’s Language

Leave your details and let's start breaking some language barriers

Speak Your Customer’s Language

Leave your details and
let's start breaking some language barriers

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At the heart of our service approach is the fundamental understanding that building trust with global audiences relies on delivering exceptional standards of localized user experience.

It begins with an exceptional service level that guarantess that your professional content will be handled by expert and experienced native translators only. 

But we don’t stop there.

We offer a deep understanding of how to effectively adapt your content, ensuring it resonates with your audience so they can really understand you.

Want to build trust with your audience? Localize with BlueLion!

Featured Services

Software Localization

At Blue Lion, our mission is to ensure that your software, including mobile apps, resonates well in every market. It can seamlessly function as if it were developed natively, across all devices and platforms. We possess the capability to handle your XML, RESX, JSON, PO, and other file formats, customizing them to suit your requirements. Our software localization services encompass adapting user interfaces, dialogue boxes, error notifications, help files, technical documentation, marketing materials, and user manuals.

Website Localization

We leverage our deep cultural and technological expertise to ensure that your web content resonates effectively in diverse markets worldwide. Our tailored best-practice approach adds value by guaranteeing your website’s success. With our website localization solution, we enhance target audience engagement and results through a unique process that ultimately builds trust and boosts engagement.

Document Translation

Discover our specialized service designed to elevate the clarity and appeal of your content, customized to your exact requirements. We understand that consumers invest in what they grasp, hence our dedicated efforts to align our services with this principle. Be assured, you will receive the tailored content in your preferred language, meeting your deadlines, and upholding the high standards you seek.

Added-value Services

We meticulously care for your content to ensure it fosters trust with your audience. Our tailored services, designed to oversee content strategically, encompass Glossary Management for content standardization, LQA for finalizing digital content pre-publication, Graphic Localization for simplified localized graphic projects, and Translation Content Management for a professional and cost-efficient handling of global content. With our tools, you can efficiently manage content based on your preferences, platforms, and budget.

Global Marketing Planning

Let’s strategize together your journey to win global markets.

Drawing on over 12 years of global project management experience, we have cultivated a vast network and profound insights into operational excellence. Collaboratively, we will craft a strategic blueprint to support your successful market expansion, targeting new markets, segments, and audiences. We will also facilitate connections with adept local professionals to navigate bureaucratic hurdles, including lawyers, accountants, real estate specialists, tax advisors, and more. Benefit from our bespoke and expert-led services designed to elevate the clarity and impact of your content, tailored precisely to your requirements.

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What Our Customers Say

  • Michael Galai, Chief Legal advisor

    As a global business, we needed a company that could streamline our work processes and provide high-quality professional translations quickly. Luckily, we found BlueLion. They support all our translation needs - legal, UI, marketing, and more - and help us go live faster. Currently, BlueLion supports us with 19 languages for over 20 users from our company and subsidiaries. Their professionalism and reliability make them our go-to choice.

  • Mike Polatsek, CSO

    We chose Blue Lion in 2016 to handle our language conversion processes. Initially, we required their services in only 6 languages, but now we work in 38 languages. Blue Lion provides a well-organized process, which enables us to work quickly and accurately. We receive excellent service and see them as a true partner in the company's business evolution.

  • Eli Meshulam, VP Sales & Marketing

    Geocartographia Group conducts research among people who speak different languages. In 2018, we started working with Blue Lion for translation services. They provide excellent customer service and accuracy, so we increased our collaboration and now work exclusively with them for various Israeli languages as Arabic, Russian, English, Amharic and even Yiddish.

  • Dror Tenne, Localization Manager

    The company couldn’t be happier with the service we received from BlueLion Language Service! They were diligent in their translations for a large variety of languages and flexiable with deadlines. Will be using their services again in the future‏.

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