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We provide end-to-end language services with the understanding that a translation is not merely a translation – it is your ticket to achieving global relevance. We leverage our knowledge to allow our clients, organizations of all shapes and sizes, to use local language to penetrate their global market. We know that language is a super-strong strategic tool for people only buy what they understand. Our hand-picked team of professional translators from all over the world is committed to positioning your organization’s message for your target market, potential partners, collaborators or investors. Your global success is the result of our deep knowledge, cutting-edge language technologies, and superior service standards which we put at your disposal to adapt your content with speed and precision in over 90 languages.


Software Localization

At Blue Lion, we’re on a mission to ensure your software is well received in every market, on any device and on any platform. We have the power to work with your XML, RESX, JSON, PO and other files, and adapt them to serve your needs.
Our software localization services include the adaptation of user interfaces, dialogue boxes, error notifications, help files, technical documentation, marketing materials and user manuals.

Website Localization

Our teams harnesses deep cultural and technological expertise to ensure that all your web translated content aligns with any market and region around the world, to create a message that resonates with them. We provide an added value by tailoring a best-practice process to ensure your website success.

Our website localization solution maximizes target audience engagement and results via unique solutions as Glossary Management, professional translation, LQA and more which are all managed under our Translation Content Management, so nothing will be left to chance or luck.

Mobile App Localization

Realize the sales potential of your mobile app and ensure maximum mobile responsiveness and compatibility with on-demand mobile app localization services. Your customers will enjoy a better, smoother user experience of your iOS and Android applications.
Be not only Mobile First, but also Language First.


Just before you go live, our LQA (Linguistic Quality Assurance) solution performs a final sweep of your translated website, mobile app or software, to ensure your products are ready for your target market, in any and every language.

We provide a Bug Report file that highlights where translated language requires optimization before you launch. This ensures your localized content is optimized for your platform and creates the ultimate user experience in the most natural and accessible to customers anywhere in the world.

Glossary Management

We prepare your organization for translation success by creating a unified glossary of terms to be used throughout the translation process. We extract the most common, critical and relevant terms that best represent your content.

The glossary we create will be used to standardize the translation work that any member of your organization engages in, based on your approved style and preferences, so that your content reflects your organization, preferences and identity. This one-time management service places full control over your localized language into your hands and allows you to enjoy a tailor-made, efficient and customized translation without the hassle of preferences feedback.

DTP and
Graphic Design

To provide you with the complete, market-ready, translated package, we adapt your translated content’s graphics and ensure your files are ready to print and are aesthetically effective. Free your mind from the hassle and worries of multiple format discrepancies.

We work with a wide variety of design formats: InDesign, PhotoShop, FrameMaker, Illustrator, MS Office, and more.

Translation Content Management

We are your full-service provider for all operations related to the translation and localization of your content. End-to-end management services, smart pricing, cutting-edge technology, ethical business practices that guarantees intellectual property integrity of your content and more.

Our superior management capabilities make the entire translation content process more efficient. Enjoy uniform translations across your entire content, no matter who from your organization is asking for a translation, where the personalized services privy to your organization alone, and payment only for those services rendered.

Project and Strategy Management

We engage in consulting services geared towards getting your organization better acquainted with itself and its practices, so your company can long-run your own localization operations more efficiently and can define them as a strategic effort. We believe that a conscious organization that is aware of the challenges as well as the solutions will have the advantage to be the local market leader.

During this process, we meet with your organization’s decision-makers and executives for strategic consultations, to ensure ideal translation strategy is developed based on the nature of your business and relevant KPIs. This process will engage your global operations in the most efficient and effective manner.

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