Without professional translators, the translation market wouldn’t exist. We know how important you are – translation professionals that have mastered at least two languages and know how to adapt diverse professional content to different types of target audiences.

BlueLion treats its translators as talents and as an expert professional resource, and we work with relatively few translators so that we can create high quality, close, and long-term collaborations.

We pride ourselves in managing talents and working with professionals that bring true value to the translation and to the final product.

We have a close relationship with our translators, and they are given preferential treatment regarding payment terms and assignments.

We believe in mutual growth; Our success depends on you – and the high level of confidence we place in our translators.

We expect maximal attention to detail and no less than a perfect final product so that we can continue to give you, the translators, better and higher quality service.

If you meet three or more criteria – please complete the application form:

✓ You have been providing translation services for at least 6 consecutive years.
✓ You provide business-related translation services only (IT, financial, legal, medical, engineering, etc.).
✓ You are registered as a licensed dealer or a company (for Israeli translators only).
✓ Preference will be given to translators that are proficient at using CAT tools, with special preference to those with a MemoQ license.

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